Monday, January 7, 2013

Train Like A Boss

The Boss, or “El Jefe”, is the one who is in charge and most importantly, the one who is responsible for whatever show he is running. Whether it’s success or failure, the Boss is the leader who takes the praises or takes the fall. How many of us train like a Boss when it comes to exercise, diet/nutrition, and overall health? To keep things simple, let’s stick with just exercise. Training like a Boss in the gym isn’t about how much weight you’re lifting, or how intense, or even how loud you can grunt during a set. Training like a Boss is taking full Responsibility for every exercise, every rep, every set, every workout, and being accountable for the results, good or bad. Training like a Boss is knowing what you can and cannot control when working out. You can control your awareness of your technique/form, which exercises, how much resistance, how many reps/sets, what kind of tempos, how much rest in between, as well as how much is enough. What you cannot control is the behavior of others in the gym or what they think of you. A Boss isn’t easily distracted from the task at hand. A Boss gets it done. A Boss learns from his mistakes, regroups, and gets back on his feet again. A Boss knows what he’s capable of and yet understands he’s only scratched the surface of his Potential. A Boss is bold enough to explore untamed areas and has the only expectation of expecting the unexpected. A Boss has a systems analysis which is constantly checking and rechecking for constant improvement (kaizen). A Boss is never alone and does his research with the help of others. A Boss has coaches as well as coaches others since he understands the interdependence of it All.

So the next time you go to the gym, be the Boss. Be the Boss of You….
Whatever you do, pay Attention. Assess and reassess and apply what was learned. Own your thoughts. Own your actions. Have goals and work towards them. So what if others in the gym are watching you? You the Boss, so show them the Way….