Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Billions of Dollars and Still No Cures

Ever wonder where all the money that goes into finding cures goes after all these years? Have they been effective? Cancer is still significant. AIDS doesn't seem to be going anywhere. And now we're trying to find a "cure" for obesity. Maybe it's time to look outside the box?

Here's the thing: It's quite possible that the human physical body is not too concerned about being cured. It'd rather be stimulated to wake up its healing capabilities. It'd rather learn through the process of healing rather than be given the result of a cure. What happens when someone always gives you the answers without you trying to figure it out on your own? You get lazy and lose the ability to think for yourself. Just imagine if this possibility was understood by those seeking cures. What would life be like? I'd probably be a very rich (financially) man but being that ours is a society that contines to look for the easy way out or the quick-fix, I'm actually very poor, for now. Emphasis on results leads to chaos; emphasis on the process expands the possibilities and allows one to break free of the "box".

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Humanity Ascending

I just saw a documentary with Barbara Marx Hubbard where she eloquently expresses our possible future by reviewing our past and present. It reminded me of what I've recently been observing where others are constantly "searching" for answers and data and information and are going from one source to another in the ultimate quest for knowledge. My question is: What are people looking for? My answer: Their Selves. Man has always had a yearning to find out who he is, where did he come from, and what's his purpose in life. I know one of my peers who's taken a lot of training this past year and has sort of opened up a Pandora's box of information and can't seem to quench her thirst to know more. Sooner or later she'll find her journey will eventually lead her to her spiritual Self. Times are changing and Consciousness is accelerating.