Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Drug Company Caught Lying!

Pharmaceutical companies making up research studies with favorable outcomes? Why would they do such a thing? To make money of course. This recent NY Times article is just a reminder to the public and to the medical community of how low pharmaceutical companies will go to make the almighty dollar. Just because your doctor recommends a drug for your condition because "the studies show it works" may not be necessarily true. It may be a partial truth to some degree but there's still a significant amount of deception involved.

Hmm..if a drug is so effective, why lie and fudge the results of the studies?

The best protection for the public is to educate themselves and be open to research and experiment for themselves. Better yet, an even better approach is start taking a more active approach to one's health and well-being right now and stop putting them on hold.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Have you ever received an email trying to sell you something and as you read through it you find yourself scrolling down at what seems like a never ending sales pitch and towards the end they always make like what they're selling is worth a shitload of money and if and only if you take advantage of this special email offer now, you can get this product for an insanely low price. And if you do act now they'll throw in all these special bonus "gifts". Come on, admit it. You've seen a lot of these and you've probably asked yourself, "what's the catch?".

From my experience (ok, I'll admit it. I have bought some of these products in the past and don't regret it), the longer the "sales pitch", the less the product actually has to offer and that's why the seller does their best to hype it up.

Along with these emails, we typically also receive newsletters in which everyone has one nowadays to the point people are becoming more selective in allowing which newsletter they choose to read. The one commonality of the majority of newsletters out there is that they all want something from you. This isn't wrong. It's just business and marketing. This brings us to the point of why I'm posting this topic. What do I expect from anyone who reads my newsletters or blog posts or watches my youtube page? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. NADA. ZERO. ZILCH.

It doesn't make a difference to me if thousands of people or no one reads my work. I'll still be me. I love me. I love you. I love everyone. I love life. What else would I need? Money? Nope. You can never have more money than you already have; so why be so concerned about having more? That's worrying about the future. How do you feel worrying about the future? Probably unpleasant, so why bother wasting your precious energy on it?

I write my newsletter as a way to create. I share my experiences with others who are interested and what I write is from the heart. I give from the heart without expecting anything in return. This is one characteristic of unconditional love. Can you dig that?

I love you as you are and thank you for Being you.