Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Drug Company Caught Lying!

Pharmaceutical companies making up research studies with favorable outcomes? Why would they do such a thing? To make money of course. This recent NY Times article is just a reminder to the public and to the medical community of how low pharmaceutical companies will go to make the almighty dollar. Just because your doctor recommends a drug for your condition because "the studies show it works" may not be necessarily true. It may be a partial truth to some degree but there's still a significant amount of deception involved.

Hmm..if a drug is so effective, why lie and fudge the results of the studies?

The best protection for the public is to educate themselves and be open to research and experiment for themselves. Better yet, an even better approach is start taking a more active approach to one's health and well-being right now and stop putting them on hold.


Ian said...

hey michael i saw a hearing last year where congess was questioning the practices of the food and drug admin and they were all full of uh, before during and after every question except one lady who had an excuse for everything, she seemed very evil-

that day they were admitting how they allow companies to spray carbon monoxide on beef so that it looks fresh and prime for long periods of time, this was not illegal they told us, becuase the procedure fell into a new catagory not yet regulated by the govt. but hey assured us it was safe.

The same carbon monoxide that comes out of car exhaust is sprayed on our beef, and they dont test anything, but say its safe? I thought i was on drugs listening to this.

Yesturday i read in sudan that citizens are fleeing their land bc the government is bombing them, they happen to live on oil land, the government said no bombs here, they left bc they are nomads and nombads uh, they like to move around.


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