Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Humanity Ascending

I just saw a documentary with Barbara Marx Hubbard where she eloquently expresses our possible future by reviewing our past and present. It reminded me of what I've recently been observing where others are constantly "searching" for answers and data and information and are going from one source to another in the ultimate quest for knowledge. My question is: What are people looking for? My answer: Their Selves. Man has always had a yearning to find out who he is, where did he come from, and what's his purpose in life. I know one of my peers who's taken a lot of training this past year and has sort of opened up a Pandora's box of information and can't seem to quench her thirst to know more. Sooner or later she'll find her journey will eventually lead her to her spiritual Self. Times are changing and Consciousness is accelerating.

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