Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Meditation & Movement

Many people think they know what meditation is and still have not devoted any effort toward a meditative practice and thus can not really understand it unless they've thoroughly experienced it with open receptiveness and a willingness to change, or explore, their current "thinking"; of which is not truly living thinking but more so "dead" thinking. Thinking, in the ordinary sense, is based upon thoughts which are completed, finished, and the result of as compared to thinking for the sake of thinking itself; the actual process of thinking where the subject, you the "thinker" becomes the object. "Dead" thinking separates the subject from the object disregarding the "process" for the "result" (ie. the actual thought). This leads one "stuck" in the pre-conditioned realm of the subconscious which is based upon past thoughts and previous conditioning. The ego, as a vehicle for one's sense of self attaches itself to the subconscious because it can easily control and manipulate preconceived concepts and contain one's reality. This is how our parents, religion, the government, the media, and multi-national corporations can easily control us.

With "living" thinking there is no separation between the subject and object and it provides a direct link to the superconscious through our intuitions. Our intuitions allow our Soul to be guided by our Spiritual-Divine nature (rather than just our Ego-material nature). With living thinking, or pure thinking, we tap into our essence and experience our eternal capacity. When we are able to bring this capacity back down to earth, we are considered "enlightened", or awakened to a whole new level of existence.

Meditation as a practice allows one to tap into living thinking. Could you imagine if Copernicus did not practice living thinking that he'd ever find the balls to disagree with the norm of his day that the Earth was the center of the Universe?

With meditation, after awhile you become aware of the ability to cultivate refined "energy", or "chi" in the Taoist sense which you can use to harmonize your subtle energy bodies. When movement is added to a practice of meditation it further intensifies the experience and "re-educates" the flow that has become accustomed to stagnation. Stagnation leads to disease. Various disciplines such as qigong, taichi, and yoga utilize meditation and movement which explains their effectiveness.

One does not have to learn the traditional disciplines if one is willing to explore their self. Traditional disciplines may fall into the trap of dogmatism which further tethers one's Soul to the demise of egotism. Meditation and movement can be a free expression of one's Soul individuality which keeps in line with how energy operates, which is constantly in motion in a moment-to-moment dynamic, where nothing is ever the same and is constantly changing. Imagine your life right now if you could experience such presentness.

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