Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Dirty Side of Howard Beach

So it's been exactly one week since I posted about the garbage on the Joseph Addabbo Bridge in Howard Beach towards the Rockaways. I did manage to email Senator Joseph Addabbo, Jr. on a Thursday in which he (or an intern) responded back to me on the following Monday writing that he will get the Department of Transportation and the Sanitation Department to take care of the mess. Of course, I'm not holding my breath waiting for this to happen but this is more of a test to see how fast our city's politicians respond to a quality of life issue such as pollution from a single, yet relatively unknown, tax-paying, law-abiding citizen, and most importantly, a registered VOTER (this would be me of course).

So today I took my baby girl for our morning walk towards the Addabbo Bridge and wasn't surprised to see that much of the same garbage from last week was still there and there was even more new trash dumped as well. Below are the latest pictures I took on my walk on the late morning of Thursday, 8/9/12 around 11 AM:

Good old McDonald's bag

Same illegally dumped couch from last week

Someone decided to dump an old rug on the sidewalk

Lovely view down the sidewalk with garbage everywhere

View from the bridge of the beach below-gets worse every week

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