Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Treat & Train Program at MJ Physiotherapy

The diaphragm: Breath is the first movement we address in the Treat & Train Program

Whether you have an injury or pain or neither, there’s always something to improve with your posture and the way you move.  We are constantly working against and with gravity and over time this can take its toll on our body, as well as our overall health. With movement, we have breath; with breath, we have Life. And to be able to move freely with little to no restrictions can enhance our Life experience. Don’t believe me? Just go sprain your ankle and see how quickly that can affect your quality of Life….

With the Treat & Train Program at Michael Jocson Physiotherapy, you can have reassurance that your program will meet your needs since it is based upon an individualized assessment, which looks at your structure and function. Every session is an assessment in and of itself; every exercise, every movement is an opportunity to learn more about your self. One of my goals in this program is to teach you to become the best therapist and trainer for your number one client,…..You!

This is a monthly program* which consists of up to two sessions per week (total of 8 per month**). More sessions per week can be added and priced accordingly.
Each session generally includes three aspects:
1)   Corrective Phase – This involves any corrective stretches, repositioning, manual therapy, mobility, or neuromuscular re-education activities.
2)   Training Phase – Individualized training program
3)   Recovery Phase – This involves decompression procedures such as stretching, repositioning, and/or manual therapy as necessary.

Although these three aspects logically build upon each other, they occur simultanuously (ie. Every movement is corrective, training, and recovery).

Who will  benefit from this program?

To get started on your Treat & Train Program at Michael Jocson Physiotherapy contact me at or FaceBook:

* Payments are to be made during the first week of every month
** Any unused sessions for the month must be rescheduled within a two week period; if not possible, those unused sessions will be forfeited.  


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