Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mayan Calendar - 5th Night of Galactic Cycle - Simplified

Without getting into much detail regarding the Mayan Calendar, we are currently finishing up a period of consciousness that ends around November, 2008 called the 5th Night that's been going on since November of last year. This is a period of darkness where things that have a tendency to break down, probably will. On the bright side, where there's night time, or darkness, there's day time, or light. The Mayan Calendar is not really a measure of time but more so a measure of consciousness. This whole thing about 2012 and the end of the world business is more about the acceleration of creation and the expansion of consciousness. To make a long story short, we're heading towards a period of existence where the window of opportunity to expand our consciousness is right now. More and more possibilities, rather than probabilities, are occurring that can tap into the infinite potential of creation. Meaning, more "miracles" are possible. "Night" in the Mayan Calendar sense is an opportunity to utilize what was learned from being enlightened and "Day" is the opportunity to be enlightened, or awakened, to what's it all about. During the Night, we can be left in the "dark" and not expand our consciousness, or we can step out of the darkness, and explore what it's like to be "lighter".

In simple terms: from now until November, 2008, is a great opportunity to let go of our bullshit issues that have the tendency to weigh us down (and prevent us to heal on all aspects of our being) so that we can take full advantage of the next Day period of enlightenment (6th Night of Galactic Cycle of Consciousness). In other words, let go of all your anger, resentment, frustration, fear, anxiety, guilt, etc and other emotions that tend to create stagnation of the energy flow within us. If you truly do not feel joy and grace, which are different from happiness in that happiness is more fleeting and temporary and the former more profound and lasting, in your current life, now would be a good time to address why that is so. Many of you who have read up this point may still not understand what in the world I'm talking about so my advice to you is to find out what's your passion in life and what truly gets you going every morning that's on such a deeper soul level. Basically it's all about what's your soul purpose in this lifetime. Like most people, you may not be aware of your soul purpose, yet. This is because our mind and ego have a way of distracting us and messing around with our intuition and focus. That's okay though because they're just doing their job. The mind can only exist in the past and the future and not in the present. This is why so many of us have difficulty quieting our mind such as with meditation. Rest assured, it's possible and it simply just takes practice. Know that the energies of this world, consciousness itself, is working in our favor to help get out of our minds and more in touch with our intuition, which is our communication with our Higher Self, or Soul.

I would recommend you all to do your best to find some quiet time by yourself and practice quieting your mind. Be mindful of what thoughts consistently show up. Be aware of how your body is feeling at that moment; where is there contraction or tension, where does your attention guide you in your body; observe your breath and how it enters and leaves your body. This practice can be a few minutes or more and can be performed anywhere; the idea is to just try it.

If that's still too much for you, I would highly recommend getting some energy work from an energy medicine practitioner who walks the walk as well as talk the talk. They can help clear some of the stagnant energy that you may or may not be aware is preventing you from experiencing peace, balance, and harmony. From now until November, I've increased the number of energy sessions with my clients because I feel it's that important. No more farting around with excuses. The time is now to unload your shit and heal.

Call my office or email to schedule an energy session. This work can also be performed over the phone or remotely without you physically present in person or over the phone. Just do it and lighten you hucha (Quechua term for heavy energies).

Munay, Llankay, Yachay,

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