Friday, April 30, 2010

Meat or No Meat: The Vegan vs. Carnivore Debate

The following is a post from a discussion regarding a link involving eating red meat and cancer from a good friend of mine, Antonio Valladares, on his Facebook page where he asked me to share another perspective so as not to fuel the relentless, ongoing debate between who's got the better evidence...which by the way is infantile and out-welcoming its stay in our culture.  How can we evolve as Humanity if we allow our ignorance to take the reigns and guide us in Life?  I have been working on a manuscript for the past two years that goes ever so deep into this topic and my response to the post is just a sampling.  Enjoy:

To compare what animals eat to what Humans eat will always result in conflict and misunderstanding and can only serve the ego's need for opinions and validation. What Humans have in common with animals are a physical, etheric, and astral bodies. What distinguishes Humans from animals is the existence of an Ego/I-organization - animals are instinctual and react out of instinct and not by free will. Humans can act from free will and always by conscious choice. Plants on the other hand have a physical and etheric body. Nutrition is a dynamic process in the Human where it takes what is "non-Human" and transforms it into what is "Human" - in other words it takes substance and destroys whatever part of it that it was and creates new subtle forces that only Humans have (ie. Ego/I-organization).
When Humans eat plants they have to destroy the plant's physical and etheric structures and then create astral and Ego/I forces from it. To requires much more inner work for the Human organism and thus explains why in certain religions and spiritual traditions that advocate fasting from animal flesh to be come somewhat more Enlightened. When humans eat meat, the animal has already done most of the work of destroying and transforming the physical and etheric structures and in this sense can make an individual "spiritually lazy" in developing their own "spiritual" forces. Also, by eating meat, one has to deal with and take in all of the animal's astralities (ie. feelings, emotions, etc) and if the person is not grounded enough, they will experience the animal's fears, aggression, horniness, etc.
Eating exclusively a plant diet can help one develop more inner/esoteric spiritual capacities but the major warning here is that if the person has ANY unresolved emotional/mental/spiritual/karmic issues can develop what's called "Luciferic" tendencies from the study of anthroposophy where one becomes like the fallen angel and blindly believes in their self-righteousness and pseudo-divinity, holier-than-thou mentality. This is evident in some "vegans" who swear that they are absolutely right and all meat-eaters are wrong (again more conflict and division). Eating exclusively animal flesh contributes to one being somewhat "spiritually lazy" where the person relies on the astralities of the animal to create their inner Human forces. In anthroposophy, this end of the spectrum leads people to be more "Ahrimanic", or attached to the world of matter. In other words, excessive flesh consumption leads to materialism and denial of what is all spiritual.
The debate between animal flesh and veganism is a distraction from the ego experiencing what Is. It attaches to reference points to validate its existence and to be conscious of experience. Dualism always creates separation with one side contrasting with the other. On the microscopic level, quantum science demonstrates the separation is a necessary illusion and the actuality is an interconnected matrix/field where both sides of the fence are in reality the same fence and debating between meat vs. no meat is like your left hand arguing with your right hand about which is better....totality ridiculous but enlightening at the same time.

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Unknown said...

dude this is awesome. this topic needs to be discussed...thanks. I was a veg for 15 yrs; lived in India & israel & find there is a lot of confusion and judgment.

It doesnt support our growth to bicker, defend and judge ... everything is spiritual .. and there is a common enemy of the soul that we can all fight: the Burger King

This article is great.

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