Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Observations of the Fitness Industry

Has anyone else noticed this in the fitness industry?: you get good at what you do; you start lecturing locally and then conferences; you write some e-books and articles; you crank out some DVDs; and when you really get popular, you start taking on interns and then start providing certifications; and then when your business is financially sound, you start "business" coaching. What's next after that?
Some sort of Soul/Spiritual connection. That's right. You heard it hear first.

If you're familiar with pioneers in the fitness world such as Paul Chek, you'll clearly understand that when one starts to pay attention to their physical health, this paves the way towards mental, and then soul/spiritual health.  Pretty soon, the popular names in the industry will start lecturing or acknowledging their practices of the spiritual aspects that have been purposely kept dormant due to the public's ignorance of this area.  For those "experts" who deny or refuse to transform and adapt to this wave of enlightenment, what you'll see is  a little bit of the same stuff they've been teaching over the years but with catchy/trendy marketing tags with the illusion of promoting something different. 

Overall, the fitness/wellness industry is being propelled towards a greater consciousness and once you pay attention to the trends of pioneers who are already there, you can get a sense of what's ahead.  Body - Mind -'s the Soul aspect that is about to shine.

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