Friday, August 2, 2013

Fascia & the Turkish Get Up

I made this quick video in response to a recent FaceBook discussion brought up by Joel Crandall of PhysioCareCenter in Los Angeles, California regarding the Turkish Get Up (TGU) movement. His question was brought up at a study group where a few were RKCs who were not able to answer his question of why some people say to dorsiflex the ankle of the bottom extended leg during the beginning of the movement. Some other RKC/StrongFirst trainers responded on the FaceBook thread that it's not so much the dorsiflexion of the ankle that's important as is the emphasis on pushing the heel away from you to create a stable point in which the movement can be transitioned. I talk about the possibility of the fascia creating the stability at the pelvis from the positioning of the extended leg from some courses that I took with Guy Voyer, DO.

I do want to emphasize that I am NOT a RKC/StrongFirst certified trainer nor do I currently train the TGU movement but I do study movement, health, and everything in between and I have and continue to treat injuries as a living. This is just me sharing a different perspective of the TGU relating it to the fascia. Enjoy!

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