Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Recent Review From A Patient

Below is a recent review from a patient who was so kind to share:

"A year ago, I was diagnosed with a frozen right shoulder which was recalcitrant to the usual medical management
and physical therapy.  Five months later without much progress, I decided to have surgery which helped with mobility but not the persistent pain despite
NSAIDs, icepacks, Percocet 2 tablets every 4 hours and more intensive physical therapy.  Another 4 1/2 months passed and I was in a standstill, I could barely raise my arm to shoulder level and still in so much pain. The goal is for me to raise the arm above the head to get cleared for work. It was then that I decided to find Michael as recommended by a  previous patient who has been raging about him.   I then googled Michael's name and found out about his office in Manhattan. It's quite a travel from Queens and payment is on a cash basis. At that time I was desperate, I was out of job for 9 months and was told that I will lose my job as a Nurse Practitioner in a local hospital in Queens if I do not return in another 3 months. I called Michael that day and immediately started on an entirely new physical therapy experience. He treated me as a whole human being and not just "a part". With few maneuvers, Michael diagnosed that I have left hip weakness that is more likely contributing to my shoulder problem as a "compensatory mechanism".
Within 3 sessions I was able to raise my right arm above my head and eventually tapered off all of my medications. In two months I was finally back to work and managing with the home exercises that Michael taught me. I am still seeing Michael once a week while am adjusting to my workload but doing just great!"
Merla Repato, RN, MSN, CCRN, APRN-BC

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