Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Michael Jocson Physiotherapy now accepts insurance!

For 2014, I've decided to get involved with insurance companies again. It's been awhile and I chose not to "ever do this again", but as they say, time heals. With the advent of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, times have changed and so do we, no matter how much we try to fight it.

Here's a list of the insurance companies that I've presently contracted with (and currently awaiting for my enrollment to activate; this is why I'm not listed on their website provider directories yet since it takes 30-60 days) as an in-network provider:

Medicare (pending)
United Healthcare (pending)
Oxford Freedom (pending)
1199 (pending)
Multiplan (pending)
PHCS (pending)
Beech Street (pending)
Magnacare (pending)
GHI/Emblemhealth (pending)
Workers Compensation

*Until pending notification from the specific insurance company, I am considered an out-of-network provider (if applicable)

I can also work with you as an out-of-network provider if your insurance plan applies. The way this works is once we verify your out-of-network benefits (deductible, max visits, percentage plan pays, etc), you pay me my rate for each visit; I provide you with a receipt and CMS-1500 claim form in which you submit/mail to your plan. Your plan sends you a check for the percentage they cover (typically anywhere from 50-80% of the total charges).

So except for me being a nice guy, I'm actually a pretty decent therapist and now that I work with insurances, I am much more accessible to those who thought they could "never afford me". The bottom-line is that I truly love what I do and I am here to serve you, the patient, the Individual.


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