Friday, April 24, 2009

Brain Parasites

Thanks to my friend Antonio for sharing this link. Parasites in the brain, one wouldn't normally think it's possible but it does make sense. The brain and the gut have many similarities. Just look at the way the structures look similar when you compare the convolutions of the intestines and of the cerebrum as well as the similar amount of neurological structures in both areas. Parasites flourish when the environment within allows for it. Think of them as squatters who take over when given the opportunity (that's why they're classified as "opportunistic organisms"). We normally are able to police parasites with a healthy functioning system. The brain is an organ for thinking and the gut is an organ(s) of metabolism. When the gut isn't functioning properly, other areas take up the slack such as in this case in the brain. The parasite travels to the brain through the circulation (blood).

From a spiritual perspective, the lady in the video may not be using her organ of thinking enough. The right side of the brain is more attuned for experiencing supersensible knowledge and this experience may be a way for her soul to get her attention towards some lacking aspect in her life.

When we do not fully utilize the potential of our organs, they can atrophy and become prey to microbes.

Something to think about.

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