Monday, April 20, 2009

New Type of Nutritionists?

With the Spring comes gardening time in my backyard and while I was reconditioning and tilling a new plot for planting I came up with the following thought. I know there are different types of "nutritionists" available to the public and it just made sense to me that if someone is going to help others understand about nutrition and food and health and the effects/benefits from what we eat, drink, and breathe, would'nt it be great if that person was also a gardener? There's something about the whole process: from preparing the soils, planting the seeds, watering, pulling out weeds, to full blossoming into ripened fruit onto your plate for a cosmic experience we call a meal.

How many nutritionists or health/wellness professionals that coach clients about food, diet, and nutrition have their own garden? I'm not saying that they should and if they don't they're any less of a professional but my point is the whole process of the experience of taking care of one's own garden connects them deeper with the very subject in which they make a living on.

Consuming organic and/or locally grown produce is great, but wait until you've tried something from your own garden.

I've been in the medical/health/wellness profession for over 13 years now and it wasn't until last year that my wife, son, and I started our own garden. Previous to that I thought I had a decent understanding of food but now I've evolved into a deeper understanding and relationship to the Earth, the Universe/Cosmos, and Man in between. When you eat or drink something, what's your experience? What's behind the initial "it tastes good or it tastes bad" reaction? What's the process all about for you? It might be easier for you to answer these questions after you've consumed something fresh from your garden.

Maybe I'm on to something here. What if in order for one to graduate with a degree in nutrition they had to grow their own garden as part of the curriculum? In fact, everyone of us could be "nutritionists" if we tended our own food. Why go to school when you can start today and plant some seeds.

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Glenn Jaegers said...

would be a very good idea ! I like it, let's follow our instinct about what we "need" and what is good for us all.