Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Successful Liver & Gallbladder Flushes

With the Spring comes the sense that it's time to clean up and many choose to do so with some liver and gallbladder flushing. Here's the thing: a successful flush is not in how many stones you poop out but in what did you experience during the process. What did you learn and come to an understanding about yourself, your body, and life in general? Focus on how many stones expelled is a reflection of how one lives their life guided by the misguided ego where it's all about the "results" and not so much the process. Focusing on the results takes one out of the present by living on expectations. Expectations inevitably brings suffering.

You have the power to eliminate suffering from your life.

Live the moment. Be the moment.


Ian said...

hey mike, i just did a successful flush last week as well, but the next week i am back to eating crappy food, and i just got sick, any relation? this is the fourth flush i have done,(without the enema) and each time i get through it fine, by telling myself only 3 days till i can eat real food, and i always go back to crappy eating even thought he flush makes me feel awesome, any words of wisdom?


Michael Jocson said...

With each flush a layer of toxcities are peeled away and depending on how "toxic" one is determines how long the process can be. The "crappy" eating is related to old habits and with consistent cleansing you'll reach a point where you'll be ready to address those habits more directly.

Remember this: your body will tell you what's going on and the more "clean" one is, the clearer the messages will be. The sicker an individual, the more distorted and unclear the messages from the body are.

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