Thursday, February 27, 2014

"Why won't this Pain go away?"

In the field of physical therapy, there's been a growing trend of two groups of thought regarding pain:

1) the classical "structural" point of view (i.e. poor postural alignment leading to pain)

2) the neuroscience/pain science view where pain is a brain output.

And yet a third group is emerging that is somewhat of a "middle path" that is both #1 & #2.

The middle path isn't as popular, perhaps since being in the middle isn't as charged as polar opposites. Some people need identity (the "charge") through their tightly held beliefs which separates them from any opposing view.

Gratefully, I see the middle path is growing more each day since seeing both sides of a coin allows us to experience the Whole coin.

And this is Understanding.....

Below is a post I made on my personal FB page:

Pain is a brain output. In other words, it's a thought, and like all thoughts, pain is a limiting belief based upon past experiences and conditioning.

Our thoughts separate us from Reality and what we perceive as reality.

In this respect, pain is more of the Messenger.

It's not simply that the pain you experience is "all in your head". It's so much more than this. It can be from that "herniated disc" that an MRI revealed, or it can be related to that "forward head posture" from sitting eight hours a day, and it can also be so much more than a structural "fault".

It's a call to pay Attention. The Messenger is telling us to pay Attention to something that we've neglected or were too distracted to attend to.

But what do we tend to do to the Messenger?

Blame it, kill it, avoid it, or run away from it. In other words, refuse to Listen to It.

What is it that we do not want to hear?

Perhaps the Truth to who we are?

I don't know.


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